Ubumwe Community Center

The Ubumwe Community Center serves more than 400 children and adults with counseling, primary education, vocational training and workshop employment. The center provides a meal for its students, they are taught literacy, computer skills, the deaf learn sign language, and all are trained to make a variety of crafts including dolls, jewelry and souvenirs.

The center has now expanded to serve members of the non-disabled community, offering computer and literacy classes. Wildlife conservation is taught in cooperation with the Columbus Zoo. Gisenyi is close to Rwanda’s few remaining wild gorillas and the center emphasizes the importance of keeping their habitat intact.

The center survives on the generosity of individual donors and the income derived from sales of its crafts. The goal is to become self-sustaining over time. Recent support to the UCC has led to the construction of a preschool and primary school that provides inclusive education for disabled students.